AB61 x Bréza



AB61 house in Jadranovo

A collab with Ema and Ivan (@dilemmaposters) for their rental house AB61, in Jadranovo, Croatia.

I had a task to design and handcraft a line of tableware which was inspired by the materials and interior design of the AB61 house itself. Ema and Ivan renovated the house, which was built in the 60’s, in a soft minimalistic aesthetic with a cosy and tranquil vibe of the mediterranean life. A lot of natural light, soft grey microcement that contrasts a rustic stone wall, light wood minimalistic furniture, several interesting designer pieces, and all that with a beautiful view of the sea.



The previous owner of the house made the AB61 sign, which he placed at the entrance. It contained his and his wife's initials, as well as the year it was built: Ana Boris, 1961. The new owners, Ema and Ivan, liked it very much. Even though the house was expanded they decided to keep the sign on its original wall, which is now placed in the living room (picture above). 



The idea was to make a ceramic set in the aesthetic of the AB61 house, so after few proposed designs, the clients chose marble grey-beige designed ceramics. I think it's a great choice because the ceramics fit perfectly into the interior. Simple, yet intriguing grey-beige marble patterns, make the ceramics a statement piece on its own.



The tableware was made from two types of clay – grey and white stoneware, mixed together to form unique marble patterns. Each ceramic piece is special, and cannot be repeated with the same pattern. That’s what gives it that charm and authenticity. 



The ceramic set includes bowls, dinner plates and coffee cups. Everything you need to enjoy tasty mediterranean food and a good cup of coffee while watching the sunrise from the terrace. 


Collab: AB61 x BRÉZA CERAMICS / June 2023

Photo: Ema Juretic / @ab61_tiny_house