Bréza Ceramics


Sophisticated and profound artisan ceramics that celebrate spontaneity, natural imperfection, simplicity, authenticity — slowly and thoughtfully made by designer Stela Kovačić. Every ceramic piece is handcrafted on the pottery wheel or sculpted by hand, in a small studio in Zagreb, Croatia. Bréza Ceramics is a combination of contemporary and organic forms inspired by nature, art, and timeless design.



“To live simply and slowly, to take a moment of presence and enjoy in its temporary beauty.
That’s the feeling I have when conecting with clay.”


"I resonate with the slow living and wabi-sabi philosophy of life that I apply in the very process of making ceramics, emphasizing the tactile experience — various textures, rustic clays and glazes, or organic shapes. For me, working with clay is a process of connecting with yourself and your creative being, focusing on the present moment in which there is nothing but creation."